Watch This! South Coast Rockers Amongst Liars Crank Things Up To Eleven On New Single Over and Over

South Coast rockers return with blistering single Over and Over.

Rolling in on a bed of propulsive guitar and frenetic percussion that forms the groove-laden backbone of the latest single from Amonst Liars. A South Coast supergroup of sorts, the four-piece peddle the kind of balls to the wall alt-rock that transcends genres and, when lodged in your head, is difficult to forget.

Three and a half minutes of deep grooves and blistering choruses that fall away as quickly as they appear. Feeling both classic and contemporary, there’s enough going on to please even the most veteran of rock fans, while providing the opportunity of blowing the ears of a younger generation wide open – exciting stuff.


More from Amonst Liars can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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