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“Sex WAX n Rock n Roll” is an upcoming autobiography by former DJ, Mont Sherar who was instrumental in the creation of two legendary anti-mainstream dance-clubs during the 80s era in Miami and Miami Beach, Florida, namely Fire & Ice and The Kitchen Club. Of particular note was Miami Beach’s “Kitchen Club” which played a key role in paving the way for the tourist mecca of Miami Beach we know of today.

But what made the original Kitchen Club (1988-89) most unusual was the fact that the music format (played by Mont) was strictly non-mainstream despite huge crowds – and it had a hotel attached – all right on the sandy beach – and run by punk kids! Only in the 80s would this kind of venue have been possible – or even allowed (financially speaking). Some great bands played there, and many showed up for no other reason than to just visit and party.

Although this is only part of a life story, Killing Joke is a thread throughout the book and of special note, the drummer and cofounder of the band, Big Paul Ferguson.

Therefore, to provide a sort of “visual sample” of what lies within, Mont has created the short film, “Chapter Big Paul Ferguson.” This film serves not only as a tribute to the band as a whole, but with rarely seen focus on what many consider one of history’s greatest drummers.

• Never before seen live footage from Killing Joke from 1989 at both Kitchen Club and Cameo Theater, Miami Beach
• Unreleased original music from Big Paul Ferguson, “Wounded Pride”
• Live footage from recent Killing Joke including a dynamic version of “Pssyche”
• Performance by Mark Gemini Thwaite

• Comments from:
Peter Murphy – Bauhaus
Martin Atkins – Public Image Ltd./Killing Joke/Ministry
Martin “Youth” Glover – Killing Joke
Hugo Burnham – Gang of Four
John Ashton – Psychedelic Furs/Satellite Paradiso
Jason Bowld – Killing Joke fill-in/Axewound/Pitchshifter
Mark Gemini Thwaite – Peter Murphy/The Mission/Mob Research
Dave Barbarossa – Adam & The Ants/Bow Wow Wow/Cauldronated
John Robb – Louder Than War/Membranes
Carl Marsh – Shriekback
Mont Sherar – DJ, Fire & Ice/The Kitchen Club

and of course, Big Paul Ferguson himself!

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  1. Is this book about Mont or about all these other people? It is nice that he write a book about himself and Fire and Ice and the Kitchen Club, but what the hell do all these other people have to do with it. Something tells me that if you had to write about Fire and Ice and Kitchen Club then you should focus on that. Also there is no way that Kitchen Club “played a key role in paving the way for the tourist mecca of Miami Beach we know of today” that is as much bull as I have ever heard.

    Charles A.
    Miami Beach resident and business owner since 1985.


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