Watch this!

Watch this! Scuttlers: Leaders Of A Lost Generation video

Photo credit: Dave Gleave.

I’ve just heard this sat in the back garden and it’s stunned me enough to write about it. An anthem that needs to be heard reckons Wayne Carey. And I didn’t even get a fuckin press release….

Watch this! Scuttlers are one of those bands that are on the cusp of great things. Nigel Carr clocked them a while ago and they’ve always been close to greatness. Cocky bastards from me home town Middleton who have hobnobbed with Nicky Lockett, played The 02 Ritz in Manchester. You getting me? This is a total slice of songwriting which made Catfish & The Bottlemen massive and screams Oasis. A fucking brilliant tune that needs to be heard. Trust me…


Words by Wayne Carey who writes for Louder Than War. His author profile is here


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