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We say…

You know how some bands arrive fully formed and so perfect? this 2st century sleazed garage rock from Phobophobes is like the Fat White Family on better drugs and sounds like the festival anthem for the summer – with its wheezing keyboard driven, stomping beat dislocate groove it’s Berlin Iggy meets the seamy underside of London life and is also a fantastic pop song.



they say…


2014. 5 impossible sacks of semi-conscious fluid were scraped together from various corners south of the river. Thus Phobophobes congealed in the swamps of Brixton, around the same festering pools that birthed Fat White Family and Meat Raffle. Indeed, Phobes’ drummer Dan Lyons was the original Fat Whites’ drummer, and keyboard player Chris OC also plays in Meat Raffle. So far, so incestuous, but Phobes sleazy glam and swirling head-trips are altogether of a different order.

Singer Jamie Taylor’s vocals recall both James Osterberg and Morrison; guitarist George Russell brings forth the ghost of Rowland S Howard with added Frippertronics, while bassist Elliot Nash keeps things grounded.

Infectious fuzz drenched debut single, “No Flavour” comes out at the end of March with an extraordinary version of Leonard Cohen’s “Tower of Song” on the B-side. “No Flavour” speaks of “canned meat and canned laughter”, stabbing at the absurd instant gratification of consumer pop culture. Glorious in its own unabashed dissatisfaction, the track is buzzing with flavours in its deadly psychedelic concoction.

Every fluid knows that drug pop can never die, and horror glam will never stop. Phobophobes know that the time would soon come when they would be able to sell their labour to the masses, and gain swathes of honourable debt. The time is now.

After their successful run of dates with Life during Independent Venue Week, Phobophobes will play three special shows in London in March.

March 4th: Two Piece Records Party at The Victoria, Dalston. Free entry

March 12th: Lock Tavern Festival. Headliner

March 24th: Ali Baba’s Safehouse. No Flavour release party.

No Flavour/Tower of Song will be released on 7” on BAM Records (via Republic of Music) on March 25th.





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