Amongst Echoes

Amongst Echoes

Since forming in Newcastle in back in 2018, indie rock quintet Amongst Echoes has been bringing the gap between bright-eyed youthful exuberence and millennial self-deprecation; a heady cocktail that succeeds in appealing to everyone, from swaggering Pretty Green kids to those who wear their hearts truly on their tear-stained sleeves.

Their debut single (and the track that gives its name to their forthcoming EP) ‘Daylight Robbery’ was a track that seemed to perfectly encapsulate the dichotomy at the heart of the band, and that emotions that come from being trapped in the limbo that is your late teens and early twenties. 

The follow up to that single, ‘Going Nowhere’, harbours that same quiet intelligence while finding Amongst Echoes outside of their comfort zone in terms of melody and structure.

“From our perspective, melodically, the track follows a structure that we have never really experimented with before. We are out of our comfort zone sonically, but lyrically we aimed to relate to the masses, in a sense that a good feeling can be had in finding acceptance when cutting ties for the better of both parties”.

A mature mindset no doubt. And a clear indication that while Amongst Echoes still manage to retain a sense of buoyant optimism, they’re also a band who are maturing, something which ‘Going Nowhere’ proves beyond doubt.


More from Amongst Echoes can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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