New York’s Jeannel releases her heady and hypnotc new single ICMIB.

Being born highly sensitive and introverted leaves you with ongoing over-stimulation and lots of feelings to process. It is a blessing and a curse that needs to be channelled in the right direction, in order to be let out and not be destructive. In Jeannel’s case that outlet is composing music with multi-layered spiritual charge.

Sometimes the lyrics come out as simple as ‘ICMIB’, sometimes it’s not so simple. Being female in a male-dominated world, where everyone suffers from the over-exhaustion of competition, separation, exploitation, rationality and materialism, the gifts of a female incarnation have been outshone for quite a while. It is those gifts that Jeannel conjures up and that keep showing themselves to her, oftentimes disguised by the illusion of disconnection and by anxiety.

‘ICMIB’ is four minutes of airy, atmospheric electronics and pulsating percussion that’s as a beguiling as it is sparse. Check it out below:


More from Jeannel can be found on Facebook and Instagram.


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