WATCH THIS! new video from Sleaford Mods

Jason Williamson singer of Sleaford Mods live at the Junction in Cambridge on the 8 Oct 2015Sleaford Mods – the most polarising UK band since the Sex Pistols have a new single and new video…



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  1. Suddenly I’m concerned. I get the feeling of overkill coming. They’re not responsible for a potential new music movement. Or being responsible for saving the British music scene. And yet and yet. They’re being lionised, flags held high. To survive they may need to split for a while in the future, pursue different paths then come together again. To sustain what they’re doing now they’ll need the candle at both ends. Hope they don’t bleed dry – with our help too.

  2. Well that was one of the dullest songs I’ve ever heard.

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