Pre order the upcoming Kill Pretty album from the Louder Than War shop. New album is released in September

Fresh from supporting the Fall (at Manchester Cathedral where they played a song called I Blaspheme!) and readying their album to be released on Louder Than War records Kill Pretty are dealing out a rough yet highly melodic take on the spirit of punk.

Their songs have classic northern thing about them but also cranked through a fuzzbox rush without all the cliches – I guess in old rems it’s like the Fall and the Buzzcocks in the same rehearsal room but with their own melodic nous and own sensibility about them…

Our own Ged Babey reviewed them and  said … ‘people who believe in punk as personal expression and a survival mechanism rather than three-chords and a hairstyle; Only people who believe in attitude rather than ability, freedom over rules and love rather than money. Only people who think that its not that strange how potent cheap music is, to misquote Noel Coward. People who believe in art for fucks-sake rather than for arts sake and that it has to €˜say something to them about their lives…’

This is their hymn to Manchester which musically gives a nod to the Mob, whose All The Madmen label released their previous album. Expect to hear this echo-ing around the terraces soon.

“Kill Pretty are my kind of band, because they represent every old-enough-to-know-better underdog band from every godforsaken forgotten backstreet rehearsal studio in every provincial town in the UK. A band who believe in what they do, who do it for the love of it and to express themselves rather than for fame or reward. They make a beautiful fuckin’€™ racket, full of heart & soul. ”

The Forthcoming album is stuffed full of absolute classics like Wild At Heart, I Hate Everything, Unhappy Birthday, Back Passage Boys, Swastika Girls. the aforementioned I Blaspheme. There’s a searing savage song about the Sun, touches of Krautrock, Dub and Bowie-funk with lyrics that many a young band would be too lily-livered to perform. Its the sound of the under-dog snarling and biting back….

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