Suave Martyrs

Suave Martyrs

Manchester quintet Suave Martyrs provide an insight in to what it’s like to be an unsigned indie band in 2020.

Everyone dreams of being in a band. There’s nothing quite like getting on stage on and feeling the adrenaline kick in as the spotlights hit. This being said, the music industry these days is a far cry from the heady hedonism of the ’70s, depicted in films such as This is Spinal Tap or Almost Famous. While it’s true there’s still plenty of headaches to be had as a result of industry excess, the fact remains that for any band to make it in this day and age, they need to put a serious amount of graft in.

Manchester quintet Suave Martyrs are no stranger to the fact, and have put together a two-part documentary showcasing a weekend in the life of an unsigned indie band. Taking place between Leeds and Glossop the last weekend before the UK went in to lockdown, it’s both an insight in to the world of unsigned music, and an almost nostalgic throwback to a time that seems years ago.

Check it out below:

Part two drops on August 9th.


More from Suave Martyrs can be found on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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