Loose Articles share new video for Chaos

Manchester punk quartet Loose Articles have dropped the video for their current single, Chaos ahead of their second EP arriving on July 1st.

As with much of their output to date, it’s a highly politicised polemic; this time railing against the lack of serious action by politicians to avert the impending climate crisis. Commenting on the title track, the band say: “The tune was inspired by a particularly warm winter, when we were sitting around in beer gardens way too early in the year and all feeling a bit guilty for enjoying ourselves in the knowledge that the weird weather was definitely due to man made climate change and not some kindly weather god giving us northerners a well deserved break from the cold & rain.”

Specialising in discordant, hypnotic repetition, tales of boozy nights out, and radical politics, Loose Articles are a punk quartet with plenty to say. Their music speaks to all those determined to get through the age of austerity with tongue in cheek, pint in hand, and two feet firmly on the dancefloor. Plying repetition (repetition, repetition…) with ragged edges and a sardonic, sarcastic drawl delivered with fierce, in your face, punk-fueled attitude, both feminine & threatening, Loose Articles are here to make a point.

Loose Articles describe their forthcoming second EP Chaos, which also features previous release Kicks Like A Girl, as: “a satirical examination of the hazards of modern life—keyboard warriors, the death of the independent pub, sexist footy fans, and the hopelessness that the woman in the street often feels in the face of impending doom. Whilst politicians fly their private jets to climate change conferences only to sit around scratching their collective heads as to why it’s so warm in February, all that’s left to do is head to the nearest beer garden and watch the world burn.”

Louder Than War were recently at Retro Bar in Manchester to see the band live and would highly recommend checking them out. The talented and hotly tipped four piece have a number of headline dates and festival appearances for 2022 including…

16.04.22 – Stockton – Stockton Calling
30.04.22 – Leeds – Gold Sounds Festival
01.05.22 – Sheffield – Get Together Festival
01.05.22 – Glasgow – Stag & Dagger Festival

Loose Articles share new video for Chaos
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