2015FooFighters_EM__017140115The Foo Fighters pulled off a great stunt at a gig in Kansas City that was being picketed by the attention seeking and odious Westboro Baptist Chruch.

The Westboro religious group were doing their usual bigoted demonstration- this time outside the Foo Fighters gig at the Sprint Centre so the band decided to have some fun and make a point.

It’s perhaps the greatest thing they have ever done.

The band loaded up onto the bed of a pickup truck and rolled by blasting Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” whilst holding up sign that read “Keep It Clean” and “You got Rick Roll’d (again)” as fans quickly crowded around them. The truck parked itself right in front of the protesters andthe band danced at the placard holding Westboro mob.

The “again” in the Foo Fighters’ sign presumably refers to the time back in 2011 when they pretended to be a country band and played some tunes in front of the Westboro folk, an incident that also took place in Kansas City.

Watch the youtube clip here.


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