Kleine Schweine are a great punk rock band from leeds – they sound like the Dead Kennedys on angel dust and are killer live, so good that the great Cath Aubergine wrote this about them here on Louder Than War.

‘Remember when music used to be about something?’ New Leeds band Kleine Schweine do.

Arriving towards the end of last year as a free download single (here), “Ceaucescu Let The Dogs Out” and its double A side “Breakfast In Albania” were a breath of fresh air; not only for their interesting subject matter but for the fact that the two tracks between them weighed in at about three minutes, three minutes of glorious post-Dead Kennedys dirty angry punk rock. Brilliant, intelligent and ridiculous in roughly equal measure, this is a band seemingly intent on putting both fun and education back at the top of the agenda of a music scene that often seems a little lacking in both. And they’ve got plenty more where those came from, too – a recent live set-list posted online contains intriguing titles such as “Pass The Dubcek On The Left Hand Side”, “Back In The DDR” and “Pride (In The Name Of Yugoslavia)”.

– See more about Kleine Schweine here.


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