Watch This! Great New Video by Dead Fader – First Sampler Off New Album Due Out In April

Back in 2012 we ran a review of the astonishing “Work It No” EP by noisy post-industrial artist Dead Fader. Our man at the time described it as “…an essential acquisition and one of the most exciting releases of the year so far.” Now comes news that, two years later, we’ve got more music incoming from the artist otherwise known as John Cohen – and a teaser video to whet out appetites!

***STOP PRESS: Here’s a digital link to hear and buy the ‘In Cover’ single which is NOW OUT.***

Dead Fader, we hear, has two full-length releases in store for us, both due out on 21st April. The intent is that they’ll celebrate the two distinct strains of Cohen’s output. They’re titled “Scorched” and “Blood Forest” and are being released as a collaboration between Robot Elephant Records (Blood Forest) and Small But Hard (Scorched).

The track chosen as our first taster of this work is “Tubed” and it come from “Scorched”. The track sounds like trademark Dead Fader to us; murderous, dystopian beats heavy with distortion and deep with sonorous, pumping, foreboding chaos. It’s brimming with tension and is guaranteed to get your pulse racing.

But before you skip off down the page to check it out (he says, coz he knows Dead Fader fans are notoriously fans of skipping too) be warned as it contains heavy strobing which could be dangerous if you’re epileptic or prone to seizures.

It seems “Scorched” and “Blood Forest”  work as a “calm” and “storm” type pairing (but inverted) if this quote from Mark Clifford (of Seefeel) is to be believed:

“Scorched’ is like being driven over wasteland in the boot of a car. ‘Blood Forest’ is the solace that awaits at the end of the journey making the pain worth while.”

The album is preceded by the release of the single “In Cover”, which also features two non-album tracks (“Hiphoop” and “Altar Ego”). You can pre-order the single now at the following link:

Full track listing, tour details and more info about the release below the video:


Blood Forest track listing:

  • 1. Emclod
  • 2. In cover
  • 3. Tap
  • 4. Neet Swim
  • 5. Drown
  • 6. Tenblum
  • 7. Dettol
  • 8. Lousey
  • 9. If ever
  • 10. Blood forest
  • 11. Left – Right
  • 12. Siege

(“In Cover” single B sides)

  • Hiphoop
  • Altar Ego

Scorched track listing:

  • 1. Creeeeep
  • 2. 1000 test
  • 3. Dusk
  • 4. Danger zone
  • 5. Tubed
  • 6. Ja
  • 7. Crampsies
  • 8. No exceptions
  • 9. Town
  • 10. Scorched

Dead Fader has also confirmed live shows in the UK this March, here they are…

Dead Fader Live Shows:

  • 15th March – Bristol, The Crypt with Necro Deathmort
  • 21st March – Salford, Islington Mill with Dwellings
  • 24th March – London, The Old Blue Last with Dan Hayhurst (Sculpture) + Robot Elephant DJs – FREE ENTRY

More info about the album cribbed verbatim from the press release:

Most recognised for his sonic extremity, previous Dead Fader work has focused on heavy distortion, melding noise with infectious dance-floor sensibility. With Scorched, this world collapses in on itself. Stripped back textures expose raw extremity and breadth. The album teeters on its fulcrum, maxed into the red, rhythm pushing and pulling to a fine-tuned tension and solidarity.

Blood Forest redresses the balance, introducing bittersweet textures and lush detuned synth melodies. Neoclassical influences are fragmented and reinvented, sprinkled with elements of electronic classics such as Boards of Canada. Cohen’s masterful battle between chaos and control, tension and release provokes all the right emotional responses, without giving it away too easily.

Dead Fader’s artistic voice is confident and full of clarity. Borrowing elements from a vast array of genres, producer John Cohen reconstructs reality, the result an exhilarating mix of the familiar and the forbidden. It is this fusion of elements that is the glue holding together the two offerings, simultaneously complementary and contrasting in style.


Dead Fader’s on Twitter and Facebook. More music by Dead Fader can be heard on Soundcloud.

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.

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