WATCH THIS! great documentary about punk rock in manchester 1977

Brass tacks made this great documentary about punk rock in Manchester in 1977.


What was once the future is now very much the past…


Watching it now seems like a hundred years ago. weirdly the only thing that has not dated is the music- everything from the accents, the clothes to the cars to the aspirations to even the weather looks like sa different country. Music culture plays many weird tricks on the mind but surely that’s the weirdest.

it’s a also a great reminder of what punk really was when it started before it become commodified.

I wonder where all these people are now…




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  1. Great to see the legendary Steve Shy on this

  2. excellent, no professional punks or Attitude clothing brands. Just real people. John Peel always delivered and Pete Shelley looking and sounding like a proper individual and not the identikit rebel.

  3. What are the chances of getting the outtakes? I was interviewed but they didn’t use it instead just cutting to a shot of me and my friends and then cutting away.

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