Watch This! Factory Floor: New video for ‘How You Say’ plus tour news

Factory Floor are set to release a series of EPs this Spring on DFA featuring remixes of their track How You Say
. Watch the new video for ‘How You Say’ below and also listen to the Gunnar Haslam remix
 of said track. They’ve also announced a series of UK dates for May.

How You Say – the static filled and propulsive sound of New York’s dance underground rebooted and re-imagined for a near future inner city digital versus analogue battle – was one of the highlights off last years album. The EP is set for release on 19 May 2014. The single features the original mix, as well as remixes from Phantasy’s very own Daniel Avery (“Avery applies his smoggy-gorgeous touch to Factory Floor” Pitchfork), Invisible Conga People, Gunnar Haslam, Bookworms, and Helena Hauff. It will be coming out as a two EP digital download or as a three EP vinyl 12″. Full track listing below:

“How You Say” EP 1 – Digital
(DFA – April 15th)

  • 1. How You Say (Gunnar Haslam Remix)
  • 2. How You Say (Invisible Conga People Remix)
  • 3. How You Say (Daniel  Avery Remix)

“How You Say” EP 2 – Digital
(DFA – April 21st)

  • 1.  How You Say (New Version)
  • 2. How You Say (Helena Hauff Remix)
  • 3. How You Say (Bookworms Remix)

“How You Say” EP 1 – Physical 12”
(DFA – April 28th)

  • 1. How You Say (Daniel Avery Remix)
  • 2. How You Say (Invisible Conga People Remix)

“How You Say” EP 2 – Physical 12”
(DFA – May 12th)

  • 1. How You Say (Gunnar Haslam Remix)
  • 2. How You Say (Helena Hauff Remix)

“How You Say” EP 3  – Physical 12”
(DFA – May 19th)

  • 1. How You Say (Bookworms Remix)
  • 2. How You Say (Bookworms Remix #2 vinyl only)

The video:


And Gunnar Haslam’s Remix:

Factory Floor live dates:

  • Fri 2 May Liverpool
  • Sat 3 May Manchester
  • Thurs 15 May London
  • Fri 16 May Birmingham
  • Sat 17 May Brighton

Factory Floor are on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

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