“I hate rock’n’roll.” The antithesis of Joan Jett, Bristol’s sinuous siren Emily Breeze opens her black heart in Hey Kidz – a kiss-off to rock dinosaurs and a valuable life lesson for the next generation.

“Hey kidz, don’t do what I did,” she advises, “Or you’ll never write a hit.” Ever the sultry seductress, Breeze luxuriates in faded glamour like a louche Lana Turner luxuriating in faded glamour with a knowing wink to the listener – and the camera.

Over the course of three minutes, the West Country chanteuse, glamorous in her ballgown (not for her the Jett black leather trousers) moves with a mountain of sarcasm and an ocean of ennui from lounge-noir to something more twisted and bitter, recounting her love/hate relationship with the rock’n’roll cliché.

A cautionary tale for aspiring starlets and an anthem for failed rock stars, it’s a riposte to all the  “tired out troubadours,” “middle-aged matadors” and “rock’n’roll dinosaurs” and an exhortation to the new generation to “join a band and start a scene”.

“Didn’t die before I got old,” she concludes. “Only dream I was ever sold… dumbest story ever told.”

Retaining the carefully crafted pop-noir trademarks of 2019’s Rituals album, Hey Kidz features the same luxury-trash backing band of Rob Norbury (lead guitar), Andy Sutor (drums), Graham Dalziel (bass) and Duncan Fleming (keyboards) with stellar production from Stew Jackson (Massive Attack, Nick Cave, Patti Smith).

It’s the first single from Breeze’s forthcoming album, due for release in 2021, and documents her 40th year on planet earth. “In a spectacularly ageist industry, stating my age feels like a reckless and rebellious act,” she declares defiantly. “There is an expectation that we should shuffle off into insignificance once we are no longer a fresh-faced ingenue. I refuse to do that.

“I am not famous or rich and I lead a relatively ordinary life which is of course as thrillingly three-dimensional and worthy of illumination as everybody else’s. Through this set of songs I have created a grand romantic myth out of everyday existence and I intend to celebrate transgressive women who exist outside of the mother/muse archetype”

Emily Breeze  – Hey Kidz

Out now on Sugar Shack Records

More about Emily Breeze on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


All words by Tim Cooper. You can find more of Tim’s writing on Louder Than War at his author’s archive. He is also on Twitter as @TimCooperES


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