Watch this! Deja Vega – Chasing – video for new single

The Winsford power trio are back with a cracker of a tune oozing a proper funky beat and their stand out sound that’s gonna get them up there in the very near future.

There’s load of indie bands out there who tread the mill with their middle of the the road indie by numbers tunes with no soul. They peddle their demos proclaiming to be the next big thing on the planet and the cycle goes on and on and on….

When I was a lad it was all demo tapes and bugging venue owners for gigs, playing to play. It was fuckin hard going and was a case of right place right time, and actually being good helped. Deja Vega are somewhat unique. They write tunes that are instant slammers and you know something special is going on. Venues will be bugging them! This new offering Chasing is the follow up in what looks like to be a series of singles in the making. Eyes Of Steel (review here) caught my ear with it’s raucous 3 minutes blast of power. This one goes on a different tangent with it’s funky infectious beat and leaves you wanting more. I’ve not even been approached by anyone to review this. It’s that good a tune in it’s own right.

A video influenced by selective attention and all things weird and wonderful. They thank The Moulton Crows for helping make this video happen.

Chasing was recorded at Edge Recording Studio by Mark Winterburn, and is the second installment in their B&W singles collection, only 250 copies have been pressed.

Check it out!

7in vinyl available here

or on  I-Tunes or Spotify



Words by Wayne Carey who writes for Louder Than War. His author profile is here and you can catch his website here:

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