Chris Tavener

Chris Tavener, the satirical bard of Northwich is back with a Right Back Again full of wit and another great video. Wayne AF Carey checks it out…

It wasn’t that long ago I caught Chris supporting John Bramwell for the first time in almost three years. Pre lockdown he was constantly touring, even doing more than one gig a day, so it must have done his nut in for a while. Yet he kept busy doing online streams and charity events, never letting the rot set in. Now he’s back with a new EP out in mid May and Right Back Again is full of that familiar humour which is gaining him huge popularity on the scene. He’s got his own style, doesn’t take things serious and makes you smile when he turns up live with his sharp wit and George Formby stylings. Tavener states that this song in fact came from personal experience:

“This song came very naturally to me. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling of losing someone and trying to rush your recovery when your heart and mind are continually being taken back to memories shared with them”

The minimal production by Aron Bicskey really allows the song and Tavener’s vocals room to breath. The driving drums and upright piano make the track seem determined to move forward, while there’s an emotional fragility put forward by the ethereal sounds and an almost Americana feel to the sparingly placed electric guitar.

Now armed with a five piece band he hits The Salty Dog in Northwich to launch the new EP Easy Ways To Be Happy on 22nd May. Tickets available here.

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Words by Wayne Carey, Reviews Editor for Louder Than War. His author profile is here

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