We’re honoured to be able to share with you today the video you can find above by ambient experimental folk / electronic Jeffrey Alexander. The track, Approach Lights Three, is off his new album “Wayfinding Beacons From Planet To Planet”.

Before you carry on heed this warning: we recommend that you devote all your attention to the video, because it deserves it. No clicking play and reading on this time – click play and stop. You can, as they say, thank us later, when you’ll no doubt be a lot more relaxed after swimming in the therapeutic waters of Approach Lights Three.

Finished? Good. Here’s some more information about Jeffrey:

“Jeffrey Alexander is best known for his deep ties to the evolving experimental folk scene since the 1990s; from the acid-folk revival his group The Iditarod helped usher in, to the lavish press attention Black Forest / Black Sea received to his current role on electronics & guitar in Jackie O Motherfucker.”

The track above is a beautiful, multi-layered, piece of ambient drone – something to lose yourself in and maybe even to find yourself in. There is, in fact, something otherworldly about it and it seems that’s the point as both his newest pieces of work (his solo LP, ‘Wayfinding Beacons From Planet To Planet’ and a free online EP entitled ‘Floating Lights’ released concurrently) will be showcased at a very special Exploratorium event on May 7th in the Tactile Dome (a pitch-black maze experience), where his “celestial navigation music” will be experienced under ideal circumstances.

The music may ostensibly seem quite simple but that’s not the case as it was made with a multitude of instruments including…

  • Synthesizer,
  • Shruti Box,
  • Electric Guitar,
  • Bamboo Saxophone,
  • Singing Bowl,
  • Space Echo and
  • Talking Book Phonograph.

Pre-order the album Wayfinding Beacons From Planet To Planet and Grab the free EP Floating Lights by Jeffrey Alexander.

Jeffrey Alexander’s website is here: jeffreyalexanderlovesyou.com.

The artwork for Wayfinding Beacons From Planet To Planet looks like this:


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