Watch This: Brand New Death Grips (3D) Video

The crushingly powerful and totally unconventional noise hop duo Death Grips slipped a video out at the end of last week. And it’s recorded in three dimensions (aka “thread”). Check it out below.

Being unsigned and therefore without a mighty press team rattling off emails to every blog, website and physical publication on the planet, this may’ve slipped under your radar. Luckily we’re here to catch these things for you. (Although to their credit P4k did beat us to it in fact.)

The video’s for the trackĀ “No Love” off of their brilliant 2012 release NO LOVE DEEP WEB (which we ran a review of here). You’ll remember perhaps it was shrouded in controversy (ugh, the cover art, will the nightmares ever stop?) and wrapped in a lot more of the same and then bundled out to us as a free download (yay!)

We thought we’d moved on from it now as the guys have released oodles more stuff since then, but it seems, as ever, Death Grips are anything but predictable.

The video below was directed by the band and features some intense live footage which, of course, is typical of your average Death Grips live show (as you’ll know if you’ve ever been to one or if you readĀ this review a couple of years ago.)


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