Watch this! Bob Vylan hit back against racists in sweary punk-grime videoBob Vylan  –  We Live Here – Video Premiere

Bob Vylan hit back against racists in sweary Punk-grime video for raging song We Live Here. 

New to me and currently doing the rounds in the online punk community, this offering from Bob Vylan has been vastly helped by one of the duo’s choice of a Crass T-shirt, making it go viral in punk-rock-cyberspace.

As one mate put it “Let’s face it, we all clicked on it coz of the t-shirt”. But once you clicked, you are rewarded my friend.

Their mash up of punk-grime hit the spot straight away for me. A distorted guitar, distorted shouty vocals, images of gritty East London back streets, shops and boozers. A big single digit to all the racists. They’ve got some killer lines but my favourite is “Told me to go back to my own country.  Said since we arrived this place has got so ugly. But this is my fucking country and it’s never been fucking lovely”

Pure anger, pure defiance “We Didn’t Appear Out of Thin Air, We Live Here.”

BV can also be found on bandcamp and facebook 

Words by Nathan Brown


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