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Beautifully eccentric for decades, Glasgow’s BMX Bandits also deal in classic pop – sixties pop with a whiff of Eurovsion if it was cool and not ironic, lo fi indie pop and bedsit genius. This is their latest song as joyful and lunatic brilliant as you would wish for…

Here is an exclusive look at the sensational video for the brand new single by BMX Bandits. Way of the Wolf is a modern re-working of the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale but in this version appearances can be deceiving.  The video stars Chloe Philip and Duglas T Stewart of BMX Bandits and was inspired by the work of Saul Bass, Clouzot’s Inferno and classic Bond movie titles. The video was directed by Chris Croft using projections and real lighting effects rather than digital trickery.

The digital single Way of the Wolf will be released by Elefant Records on May 30th and will also feature two brand new tracks.


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