Benefits return with the caustic anger of Meat Teeth and it’s not for the faint hearted. For those familiar with the angry rants and raves on Empire and Flag you won’t be disappointed. The video is set in the derelict surroundings of an old sixties shopping precinct in Billingham, Teesside and sets the scene for Kingsley Hall’s venomous sermon that hits hard and gives you a feeling of Steve Ignorant getting right down with the late Mensi. A startling piece of gritty spoken word backed by a searing shred of earsplitting sonic noises, which crash in and out and will scare the shit out of you. Kingsley explains:

“Meat Teeth was inspired by a combination of conversations from work last summer about feeling like you’d won the lottery at getting ten pounds an hour; chats online about the occasional pointlessness of leftist preachings to the converted; the ongoing horror of this comedy cartoon fascist government; and a realisation that we’re all going down on this shitty red white and blue ship together – some more comfortable than others admittedly, but by fuck, we’re all going down. The core of it was pulled together over Christmas ’21 when the combination of Downing Street party revelations and the sheer greed of the season started to tip me over the edge. We turn these songs around quickly, the point of them is to release them so they’re relevant to the subjects we’re writing about. There’s no time to waste.”

Just check the lyrics:

Where will you be? Alone on your meat rack? Poundshop Balzac, where will you be? Up against some television piss wall, gimp faced clown in hand me downs. Plastic frowns. Where will you be? Endless fuck all. Lazy fucking free for all. Glued to the phone, in that room full of people but all alone, eyes blue glow, where will you be? That male prick shit. Letting fucking rip. Tippy tap tip tip, usual shit, tweeting like fucking dick. Where will you be? Sitting in the flames, all drunk on awe, mustard fucks never out of luck.

Keeping calm, carrying on, little sup, fucking up. Where will you be? Hypocrisy lol, corruption lol, fucking lol lol lol LOL. Where will you be? Feet up, ten pound an hour, the power, As your background friends scour, Billy big time stuffed full, Audi on tick with a boot full, Where will you be? Big Christmas gut full. A little bit thick… And there’s an angel on your shoulder that thinks you’re a prick. Where will you be? Clutching that flag, dreaming of Empires and crowns, and fighting at the front in provincial fucking towns. Where will you be? You’re saluting yourself, hailing the thief, Grinning with your rotten fucking meaty fucking teeth, spiralling down, where will you be? You’re fucking haywaining, clueless, rudderless, overdosed on your own stubbornness, where will you be?

Down in the street, drunk in the dirt, face down in the shit. Licking the boot, licking the dream, the arse kissing cat who got the dregs of the cream, WHERE WILL YOU BE WHERE WILL YOU BE WHERE WILL YOU BE …Anarchy’s not what it used to be you see? You see? YOU SEE? WHERE WILL YOU BE? Kitchen towelling the guts of a shitty past. Half arsed. Half hearted. Half cut. We’re all fucked. Where will you be? Suffocating in scandal, endlessly. Are you under the baton or gripping it? Where’s your anger, where’s your rage, where’s your dignity? Yet I get it. I’m the one I’m always complaining about. I’m the sheep, half asleep. shouting along with those who agree with me.

We need the ears of the fuckers that have blocked you and me Where will you be? It’s all too fucking twee. Where’s the good stuff? He’s just doing his fucking best and you think that’s enough. Where will you be? Will we learn, will we ever fucking learn? Where will you be when England burns? WHEN ENGLAND BURNS. Where will you be? Flames licking St Georges heel itching the bones, fucking up your smartphones The decking’s up in smoke. You’re a lifeless statistic, a reliable vote. You can’t see it. You can’t feel it. You’re done. You’re spent. You’re happy with your burnt out lot. You’re happy with all this trophy shit you’ve got. Are you best left to rot? So fuck the lot. Fuck the lot. FUCK. THE. LOT. Where will you be? WHERE WILL YOU BE? WHEN ENGLAND BURNS.

Powerful as fuck…

Tour dates:

21 – Birmingham, Hare and Hounds
22 – London, The Grace
23 – Manchester, The White Hotel
24 – Nottingham, Bodega
25 – York, Fulford Arms
26 – Newcastle, Head of Steam
27 – Glasgow, Hug and Pint

APRIL 2022
18 – Sheffield, Sidney and Matilda
19 – Hebden Bridge, Trades Club
20 – Hull, The New Adelphi
21 – Brighton, Green Door Store
22 – Liverpool, Kazimier Stockroom
23 – Middlesbrough, Westgarth Social Club
24 – Bristol, Rough Trade

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Words by Wayne Carey, Reviews Editor for Louder Than War. His author profile is here

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