New Single From Liam Gallagher’s Beady Eye: Flick Of The Finger

Liam Gallagher’s post Oasis project, Beady Eye, late last night dropped their newest single, the Dave Sitek-produced (TV on the Radio) “Flick of the Finger”. Coming out of nowhere (or more accurately coming out of KCRW, the National Public Radio station of Southern California’s Santa Monica College) we think it’s some of the best, most confident stuff we’ve heard from Gallagher the younger for quite some time & after the early Beady Eye releases (which were generally considered to be the somewhat lacklustre)  it reasserts Liam as a serious force to be reckoned with.

Said the man himself: “It’s rock ‘n’ roll but it’s fired out into space. If you’re into drugs you’ll like it. It’s pretty druggy.”

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  1. Q: What does LTW stand for?
    A: “We are punk”?
    Hah don’t make me laugh. If that was the case how come another week has passed without a review of the stunning debut LP by BLEACHED, Ride Your Heart. An album for all those people who know The RAMONES were a band, not a T Shirt manufacturer; and Kurt Cobain was a singer not a male model.
    Q: So what does LTW stand for?
    A: Lame Tedious Wankers without a clue? Yep. Give ’Em a barn door and a banjo. They’d miss every time.
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  2. “which were generally considered to be the somewhat lacklustre”… from the haters. But on magazines and websites they received good reviews

  3. Not a bad effort from Beady Eye. At least they are out there having it! If this was a Kasabian track everyone would love it. I would rather listen to BE than a lot of the other real s*** that is out there at the moment…


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