Gardna feat. Tiffani Juno

The sound of summer has always had a reggae vibe to it as far as we’re concerned, which is exactly what we get from the new EP on Boom Sound by Gardna. Hot Soca riddims, horns a plenty, a deep bass filled groove, sweet vocals by Tiffani Juno and some slick flow courtesy of Gardna all make for a cracking track -off an equally cracking EP- which we strongly recommend.

Boom Sound is a brand new label brought to you by Adam Crawford (Boom Artists / The ASBO Disco), James Cousins (Boom Artists / Wonka-Vision), Luke Gardiner (Gardna) & Jack Corfield (Boom Artists). It has the goal of “grouping together the spectrum of quality underground music worldwide”, which, as new labels go, aint a bad goal. This EP is their first release – and what a cracking way to start things off it is! As mission statement first releases go, Boom Sound have totally nailed it here.

It’ll soon be carnival time people, so download this EP now and get ready to paaaaaaaaaarty!

See The Vibe EP by Gardna can be downloaded from Bandcamp. The original track is backed with three remixes from Ed Solo (Drum & Bass), Dead Belly (Garage) and Leo Samson (Dub) and can be purchased for a mere £3, which for those of you without the requisite mathematics skills to work it out is less than one of your English pounds per track!

Gardner can be found on Facebook, as can producer Ed West, vocalist Tiffani Juno and Boom Sound Recordings


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