Watch This: AMENRA collaborate with Willy Vanderperre to make astonishing video

Post-modern, post-metal, post-harcore doomsters AMENRA, one of extreme music’s most guarded and secretive bands, have teamed up with top fashion photographer Willy Vanderperre and director of photography Nicolas Karakatsanis to produce a simply breathtaking video which features the band “stripped of all that we know of them”. Seriously, if you only watch one video today, make it this one. We also have news of an upcoming tour by the band which includes a couple of UK dates and news of more recorded material.

First off the video. Vanderperre has worked with a startling array of individuals, from Kate Moss to Kanye West, but his encounter with AMENRA sees both parties break formation to form a hesitant, powerful and revealing union. The video, set to À Mon Âme from their most recent album, MASS V, may not be what you have come to expect from the cult crafters of discordance – but what are AMENRA if not masters of defying expectation?

Says CHVE (AMENRA founding member and vocalist Colin H van Eeckhout) of the collaboration:

“It is not at all like the sort of visuals we usually present, it is more a case study, or a visual interpretation of the band, a little piece of concept art, if you will. The idea they [Willy Vanderperre and director of photography Nicolas Karakatsanis] had was stripping us of everything we had – ‘what if we took it all away from them?’, ‘what if we took them from their comfort zone?’. No shadows or darkness to hide in, dark imagery, props or metaphors or symbols to use.”…

He continues…

“Compare it to what we sometimes or mostly do with our music – stick to the mere necessary, take a minimalistic approach of a whole. What do we really need? To create a certain ‘feeling’ of emotion. For us, it was an extremely interesting cooperation. We normally keep our guard extremely high, never give something out of our hands, to keep it as close to our skin as humanly possible – that’s exactly what they did as well, literally…It was awkward, uneasy, and very confronting for us to see, yet one of the most interesting things we did lately, and an honour for us to be working with such talented and inspiring people. ‘Under a watchtower of punishing light.’”

Check out the video – and tour news below that:

Watch This: AMENRA collaborate with Willy Vanderperre to make astonishing video

Live Dates:

  • Fri 11/04: 106 Club, Rouen Fr
  • Sat 12/04: Jubez, Karlsruhe De
  • Sun 13/04: La Maroquinerie, Paris Fr
  • Mon 14/04: Confort Moderne, Poitiers Fr
  • Tue 15/04: La Dynamo, Toulouse Fr
  • Wed 16/04: Sonora, Bilbao Es
  • Thu 17/04: Hard Club, Porto Pt
  • Fri 18/04: Shoko, Madrid Es
  • Sat 19/04: Razz3, Barcelona Es
  • Sun 20/04: Impetus Fest, Belfort Fr
  • Mon 21/04: P.M.K., Innsbruck At
  • Tue 22/04: Posthof, Linz At
  • Wed 23/04: Lido, Berlin De
  • Thu 24/04: Proxima, Warsaw Pl
  • Fri 25/04: Ut Connewitz, Leipzig De
  • Sat 26/04: Young Team Fest, Metz Fr
  • Sat 3/05: Temples Festival, Bristol Uk W/ Neurosis
  • Sat 10/05: Btr Festival, London Uk W/ Cult Of Luna
  • Sun 8/06: Vooruit, Gent Be W/ Cor
  • Thu 19/06: Ekko, Utrecht Nl
  • Fri 20/06: Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen Nl
  • Sat 21/06: Neudegg Alm, Abtenau At
  • Sun 22/06: Feierwerk, Munchen De
  • Sat 28/06: Graspop, Dessel Be
  • Sat 27/09: Ab, Brussels Be – Afterlife

More AMENRA news cribbed directly from the press release:

AMENRA are also gearing up for two split releases on Consouling Sound, due for release in summer of this year. Each of the split albums will present an incarnation of AMENRA, together with a sometimes surprising, but always compelling counterpart band – for the split 10″ album with Eleanora, AMENRA is offering À mon Âme(live) and for the split 10″ album with Treha Sektori, AMENRA decided to re-interpret À mon Âme and create an atmospheric ambient piece called Trahn.

The Eleanora track introduces an eager young Belgian sludge/doom outfit with a truly captivating sound that’ll surely keep the audience yearning for their debut EP to be released later on in 2014. Treha Sektori’s French master soundscaper Dehn Sora surely is no stranger to fan of dark ambient music and drones.

In other AMENRA release news, My Proud Mountain are gearing up to release LIVE II, their second live cd, and first live 2xLP – the recording is the live audio from their MASS V release show of last year, mixed and mastered by Billy Anderson.

Meanwhile, MASS V can be ordered at this link.


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