Alt-pop duo Paper Face drop their fractured and frenetic debut single Only Love Together.

The DJ desk at a wedding might be the most traditional place to meet your band mates, but that’s exactly what happened to Daniel and Aden, otherwise known as Paper Face.

With both of their formative years defined by a love of electronic music in Daniel’s case, and a love of Sade and Bob Marley on Aden’s part, it was clear for both of them that music would be the route they’d take. Thank god they day.

Only Love Together is the band’s debut single. Three and a half minutes of frenetic and fractured alt-pop, it’s a bold statement opening statement.

“We tried to capture the feeling and energy of modern day club culture in a time where every club on planet earth is closed.” the band explain. “We wanted to relive that feeling and picture of dancing and being at an optimum level of happiness at a party back in our minds. That‘s really all there is to it.”

Check it out below:


More from Paper Face can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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