Watch this! Alias Kid post new song. Alan McGee’s latest band are anthemic Manc swaggerAlias kid facebook

Alias Kid are the kind of band the chattering classes will hate but the lost generation are going to love. Alan Mcgee recognises this and has been working with the Manchester band and signed them to his 359 label and is releasing their debut album in 2015.


Alias Kid are everywhere you go in town with tall tales and hilarious stories living the rock n roll on the dole dream but can back up their attitude and front with great roaring anthemic songs that are totally out of sync with the current times but then that never stopped Oasis, Sex Pistols, Mott The Hoople, The Beatles or any of a never ending list of working class heroes…

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  1. Ever since he got lucky and discovered Oasis, Alan McGee has been trying to pull off the same trick again, with conspicuous lack of success. Here’s his latest attempt to flog a bit of life into that old dead horse.

    Over the years McGee has championed umpteen dressed-down dadrock dullards in the hope that one might repeat the success of the first lot. None of them ever has. But he still keeps on digging up yet more sub-Oasis tedium merchants, presumably on the basis that if he throws enough mud at the wall, sooner or later a few lumps will stick.

    I mean, does anybody remember The Sessions or The Grants? Bands entirely as dull as their names, and yet not so long ago McGee was bigging them up them as if they were the future of rock ‘n’ roll. Inevitably, they went down like a brick.

    Frankly, it’s about time Alan McGee was called out on his frustratingly narrow musical focus and the repeated failures he’s delivered as a result. But nobody ever has – or ever will.

    Alan McGee is treated as a cross between an oracle and a sacred cow these days. He’s the indie chancer who made it mega, just like everybody wanted to do.

    Well, fair play, good work fella, and all that. But he’s now treated with an uncritical reverence that he doesn’t really deserve – certainly not on the back of the endless conveyor belt of conventional rock dullards he’s been trying to shove at us for the last few years.

    Someone needs to sit Alan McGee down and make him watch The Fast Show’s Indie Club sketch on constant repeat, just to see how long it takes for a little self-realisation to dawn.

    But then, he’d probably try to sign up the spoof band in the sketch, believing them to be edgy rock revolutionaries poised to become the next big thing.

    And I’m sure there would be no shortage of media back-slappers to encourage him in his delusion.


  2. Alan Mc Gee is music fan
    & btw I’ve heard him call himself a chancer!
    By taking chances he puts his neck/rep on the line. Taking risks that’s what mavericks/entrepreneurs do!
    Go read his book & check out Tess Parks.
    Alan is charismatic, smart & very funny.
    Which Alias Kid tracks have you heard?

  3. The top post sounds like a pre-written, anti-McGee blog post by a wannabe music journalist, just waiting for his chance to write that all-important ‘controversial piece’.

    Describing Alias Kid as ‘dadrock dullards’ proves the writer has done little research into the band, let alone seen them live or heard much of their music.

    Personally, I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for Alias Kid. Good luck to them!

  4. I haven’t heard much of this band but I like this song. First comment is amazingly ill informed regarding Alan McGee. Of course he has had bands not hit the heights of oasis but look at the successes he has had. Sounds like massive sour grapes from first post but that is understandable as the industry is a struggle I suppose. Focus on your own music poster number one.

  5. That guy sounds like he’s drowning in a bucket of knobs and that was something that he had to say even if it was his last. .

  6. Alan McGee…My Bloody Valentine, Jesus And Mary Chain, The Hives, Primal Scream, Swervedriver and countless others…
    Michael Johnson…sad comments on messageboards type…

    ’nuff said


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