Watch This! A Short Film About Sleaford Mods By Film Maker Louis Pattison

This mini-documntary about Sleaford Mods first appeared in the The Quietus a few days ago alongside an introduction by the film maker himself, Louis Pattison, who met the duo, Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn, in their home town of Nottingham to discuss their writing process, mod culture and being gobby.

As Louis said in his piece about setting up the interview:

“When I first e-mailed Jason Williamson back in early 2013, around the release of their vinyl-only compilation Austerity Dogs, he seemed surprised to be contacted by a member of the press, his many years of striving to make it in music – not just in Sleaford Mods, already then five albums old, but a number of lost projects such as an ill-fated mod group called Meat Pie – having provoked merely indifference from the national media at large.”

A lot’s happened in the last year or so, we can’t imagine they’d still be surprised at being approached by members of the music press now with their recent album being feted far and wide and, one hopes, being a shoe in if not for the Mercury Prize itself (assuming they enter!!!) at least for the short list!

Read Louis’ full introduction to the doc over on tQ’s website: and enjoy the video below…


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