Hatari certainly made an impact at this years Eurovision Song contest.

From their industrial sex beat to unfurling the Palestinian flag at the Eurovision finals in Israel to their run in with Israeli international airline El Al on the way home, the band certainly know how to rub raw nerves.

They also make great dark, digital, fuck pop laced with a dark industrial core that makes them one of the most fascinating musical forces operating out there at the moment, along with Russia’s Shortparis.

Their new video is a political art piece with a wiff of KLF and Bill Drummond’s adventures in the mainstream to it.

Screenshot 2019-05-24 at 10.59.12


  1. They have grabbed people’s attention and garnered many new fans/supporters across the globe. They’re distinct, genuine and seductive. Feel free to join our community.

  2. They wouldn’t last more that 10 seconds on the street of any other middle eastern country especially Gaza under Hamas rule.


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