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Campbell L Sangster is the solo project of singer/ songwriter aka Lin Sangster from Liverpool. Previous bands include Bad Anorak 404, Kit and Send no Flowers.

Sangster’s recent work on soundtracks for film and video projects fed into the songwriting process for ‘Odds Are Stacked’, influencing the approach to the song and lending a visual quality both lyrically and musically. Campbell L. Sangster’s forthcoming debut album is scheduled for release later this year, and in the meantime more music can be accessed through Soundcloud.

This film is an exploration of female masculinity, past, present and future. Tinged with 50s America and moments of the contemporary, Campbell performs alongside The Drakes – a posing gallant band of butches, bois, studs, transmen & genderqueers. Edie Sedgwick lives on in the body and soul of a sun worshipping, silver-clad mother, desperate for sun rays. Meanwhile, her budding gymnast daughter becomes mesmerised by the arrival of Buffy – a woman in her 70s – physically strong and utterly focussed in her bespoke one piece swimming suit. With the spirit of Esther Williams and verve of an assassin, we watch as she dives agelessly, effortlessly.

Back and forth, stronger, stronger, air bubbles reaching the surface as each stretch reaches forward, more powerful than the last. The look of the young girl as she watches, watches as this swimmer hypnotises her. As the song reaches its climax, the swimmer exits the water; she leaves as she had arrived – controlled but assuaged. The young girl is left to wonder, a stronger spirit, the imprint of the mysterious woman remaining with her forever.



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