Watch These: Premieres Of Two New Slowgun Videos

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to premiere two new videos by London based dream pop four piece Slowgun whose music is released through the label run by Tim Burgess, O Genesis Recordings. The band, described as being “indie-pop perfection” by Drowned in Sound have also been likened to The Breeders. Scroll down for the story of how they came to Tim’s attention & to watch the videos of course.

Slowgun are comprised of Toni who sings and plays guitar, Piers who plays another guitar and occasionally attempts to sing, Stef who plays bass and Matt who hits the drums with “drumsticks” and, as mentioned above, we  have the inside scoop on how Tim first came to hear the band. When we asked Tim how he heard about the band he replied:

“We were on tour and taking it in turns to choose what went on the stereo. Dr. Kiko was driving and his selection would usually include The Venga Boys and stuff like Pump Up The Jam. He asked if we wanted to hear some demos of a band he knew so we jumped at the chance – the main motivation was to avoid any more Europop, actually liking it was going to be a bonus. By the end of the second song we were texting the band asking if we could record them”

Tim and Jim Spencer then got the band up to The Charlatans’ studio and recorded the single.

The band’s next live show is at Kendal Calling.

So, with no further ado, here are the two video’s, starting with Sidekick Me then Next Time.



If you want to keep up to date on the band we suggest you check them out on social media via teh following links:

Slowgun’s Facebook page is here & they tweet as @slowgunband. They also have a Soundcloud account.

O Genesis Recordings have a website & are on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.

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