London songstress BROCARDE releases new single Last Supper, as well as accompanying clothing label and photography book.

The first song BROCARDE wrote while in LA was “Last Supper”. The song and her vision for it existed long before she stepped foot inside a recording studio, and every tiny detail was alive inside her head, from the video concept to the clothing she would be wearing. The song tackles her personal experiences with celebrity culture. It begs the listener to question their relationship with social media and loved ones, and it asks the all important question “What will you consume at your last supper?”.

The video, written and directed by BROCARDE herself takes the viewer on an uncensored journey and tackles a host of controversial issues such as cannibalism, religion and abuse of power, which leaves them open for interpretation and discussion. It’s a twisted fairytale with a haunting darkness that’s usually only present in horror movies.

BROCARDEapproaches music in a different way. She is genre less. She uses instrumentation to capture the emotion in her words. She straddles a multitude of worlds; her vulnerable, fragile side is captured by an orchestra of delicately plucked strings; her full throttle sass makes you stand up and take note, and her angst and frustration marry with the heavy metal undertones.


More from Brocarde can be found on her website, Facebook and Twitter.




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