American-born, London-based Rider releases video for her effervescent pop rock single You.

In what’s arguably one of the most empowering and uplifting singles we’ve heard in this year, the American-born, London-based Rider has released a song reflective of relationship conflicts, inner strength, positivity, and the constant drive to move forward, a trait she shares with her name.

 “The name Rider to me means speed, forever moving, riding life, excitement, coasting along. It has a positive feeling about it and I’m a glass-half-full kinda girl. Life’s good.” she explains, again, a trait that’s more than evident in her music, and You especially, bringing things neatly full circle. Uplifting, empowering, and ultimately a feel good anthem that’s a welcome relief as the nights start to draw in.


More from Rider can be found on her website, Facebook and Twitter.

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