Watch Kanye West Flip-Out In Recent InterviewWatch Kanye West flip-out in a recent interview after he directed the conversation onto his attempts to break into the fashion world and when the interviewer asks about Yeezy’s need for corporate support.

Is he the true version of a tortured ‘artiste’ in the 21st century, breaking out of the long held position pop stars have been bound too by the ‘industry’, to be taken seriously as a fashion designer, film producer and entrepreneur as well as for the music he writes and produces … or is he a successful hip hop artist and producer getting a tad carried away with his own self confirmed genius?

Watch Kanye West get all mardy on popular US radio show ‘Sway in the Morning’ as he spits a dummy out at the shows host and interviewer Sway when asked why he feels he needs companies such as Nike and Ralph Lauren to fully back him to help him achieve his goals within his work in fashion…



He might be vying to go where no other ‘pop star’ has gone before (in terms of working within a selection of industries at the same time – music, fashion, film etc.) but rather than get carried away with designing a new line in Louis Vuitton slippers, maybe he should concentrate more on what gave him the success in the first place, the core of his talent – music.

But, despite his egotistical rants Kanye West is free to do, say and feel (within reason) what he wants, and without doubt he’s a very talented guy whether it be his music, film or fashion – and though he doesn’t exactly come across as the most humble of artists he is definitely working in a style that challenges to break down the structured form of what an ‘artist’ is and what they can do, and that in itself must be commended even if his attitude to go with it isn’t.

But will he regret this and other recent interviews in which he’s openly snarled at and blasted a line of major establishments such as Armani, Nike and powerful brands? Telling his fans not to shop at Louis Vuitton because he can’t get the deal he wants and calling out the head of Nike for not giving him a personal meeting is dodgy ground which he treads, but good luck to him … after all, we’ve already seen what can happen when extremely successful Afro Caribbean hip hop artists upset corporate America.

Check out the full interview below:


All words by Carl Stanley. More writing by Carl on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive

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