4924057b-01e8-4c9e-b89c-3839f313b069Watch this great new video for the song “Cool Slut” by Chastity Belt taken from their album Time To Go Home on the Hardly Art label.

Chastity Belt are a Seattle-based feminist post-punk, art-rock, lo-fi, riot-grrrl pop band and this could well be the thinking hipsters feel-good hit of the summer – a post-feminist post-punk analysis of what it is to be a Cool Slut in 2015.

‘Cool Slut’ gives great tuneage and sounds like the B52’s Kate Pierson singing with the Raincoats on a Shangri-La’s cover… kinda. It’s fab. And the video is a great parody of all those tacky Eighties All-American Family Comedies.

A full review of the album will follow soon and I’ve already emailed Miley Cyrus to see if she wants to do a version of the song. The parents of Tweenies all over the States will love it if she does.


Chastity Belt have a website here: hardlyart.com/chastitybelt.

They are also on Facebook and tweet as @CHAST1TYBELT.

Reccomendation by Uncool Slag Ged Babey. More recommendations by Uncool Slag Ged Babey can be found at his Louder Than War author’s archive.


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