Gary Numan trials his new eco-conscious album with a video that goes live at 17.30 today…

The track is from his 18th solo album – the follow up to 2017’s number 2 in the charts ‘Savage: Songs From A Broken World’. (Listen to Gary Numan being interviewed by John Robb Jan 2019 here)

‘Intruder’ is an eco album from the perspective of mother earth.

‘Intruder’ looks at climate change from the planet’s point of view. If Earth could speak, and feel things the way we do, what would it say? How would it feel? The songs, for the most part, attempt to be that voice, or at least try to express what I believe the earth must feel at the moment.”

“The planet sees us as its children now grown into callous selfishness, with a total disregard for it’s well being. It feels betrayed, hurt and ravaged. Disillusioned and heartbroken it is now fighting back. Essentially, it considers human kind to be a virus attacking the planet. Climate change is the undeniable sign of the Earth saying enough is enough, and finally doing what it needs to do to get rid of us, and explaining why it feels it has to do it.”

Out on May 21st – order it HERE – the record is trailed by the title track, which premieres later today (January 11th).


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  1. Bloody excellent stuff!!! Not as heavy as some tracks he has made before. But that’s a good thing. The message is good too. Well done Nuuuuumaaan!!

  2. This is the best i have heard Numan in a long time its brilliant
    and his making a point about whats going on with the climate well done gary keep it up hope the album is just as good.


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