Equinox - Correction

Equinox - CorrectionLouder Than War recently brought news of the second Equinox album, Correction which is due to be released on 30 August and the Lancashire born spoken word artist has now revealed that there will be an accompanying video to each one of the fourteen tracks on the album.

Correction features collaborations with the legendary Helen McCookerybook (The Chefs, Helen & The Horns), electronics punk rapper Razorrawks and Reed Hays of Reed & Caroline who is currently signed to Vince Clarke’s Very Records.

Each video is made by Stuarturo and are digital adjusted manipulations. In a unique approach, Stuarturo is open to all collaborations and demands no payment for their work insisting only on all artworks carrying the Stuarturo brand.

Featured below is Paranoia, a collaboration with Welshman Ben Mason who’s music is consistently funny, quirky, experimental, imaginative, philosophical, spiritual and (insert adjective of choice) but here adds a sinister twist to the disturbing whispered lyric.

Correction can be ordered on limited edition cd from the Equinox Bandcamp page here. Equinox can be followed on Twitter as @SoundsOfEquinox and Liked on Facebook.

Bens Bandcamp page is here: benjaminmason.bandcamp.com. You can follow him on Twitter as @benmason_music and Like on Facebook.

Stuarturo can be found on YouTube and Instagram.



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