Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 11.43.49Steve Ignorant was born Stephen Williams in Dagenham in 1957. With a tough early family life, he moved to Bristol for a job working in a hospital putting plaster casts on broken limbs.

Inspired by seeing a gig by The Clash, he decided to try and form a band, but finding that his old Essex pals weren’t interested, he headed to poet and artist Penny Rimbaud’s Dial House commune on the edge of Epping Forest in Essex.

Rimbaud agreed to play the drums in what would become Crass, and the duo was joined by, among others, Eve Libertine, Phil Free, Joi De Vivre and Gee Vaucher.

Steve talking on volunteering with the Sea Palling Independent Lifeboat – camaraderie on the North Sea & why he’d have picked his worst enemy (you know who) out of the water.

Steve Ignorant plays a big London show at Islington Town Hall on Friday Oct 5th with the Membranes plus their choir, The Cravats and the Wolfhounds. All details here.

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