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Brighton-based alt-rockers Heimway drop video for new single Ellis.

Heimway are an exciting alt-rock outlet hailing from the seaside town of Brighton, UK. A quartet of geeks stamping on pedals and making loud noises for their own amusement, Heimway formed out of a mutual love for guitars, vintage audio gear and single malt whisky.

New Single ‘Ellis’ opens with guitar lines laden with nostalgia and Steven Voges’ soft, crooning vocals before rising to an emotional crescendo of rock drums and overdriven guitar textures.

The track plays with the themes of love, loss and broken relations and is accompanied by a beautifully shot video granting an intimate view into a post-apocalyptic world.

“Ellis was originally written as a song about the terrible things we do emotionally to those we say we love when a relationship falls apart”

You can stream the video below:


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