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Wasuremono are back with the first single, For All The Bears, from their forthcoming album. Jon Kean digs his paws into their aural honey.

Japanese for ‘something left behind,’ Wasuremono are a DIY indie-dreamscape quartet from slightly west of Tokyo – about 6000 miles west of Tokyo to be precise. They’re from the thriving Wiltshire cultural hub that is Bradford on Avon. Short of a spot of travel, lunch at Wagamama and the occasional episode of Takeshi’s Castle, they are possibly about as Japanese as a pint of bitter and a packet of prawn cocktail crisps.

Enough of what they’re not; what they are is an innovative, richly widescreen experience – the sort of band that really decent speakers were made for. 2016’s EP, Kaboom, gave rise to Cuddling and then Alligator, both of which were rightfully beloved of 6Music. Having previously released three EPs, their debut album, Something Left Behind, is due out on 31 January on their own Wilderness Records label. For All The Bears is the first single from that release, accompanied by a video conceived and directed by keyboard player, Madelaine Ryan.

It features a bear called Billy, who has run out of honey (played by lead singer Will Southward) and must find some more before he goes cold turkey and gets uber-grizzly. He’s a silly Billy, so he cycles around the picturesque Bradford on Avon countryside aimlessly, earning a Darwin Awards nomination and unsurprisingly having no success in honey hunting. Did no one tell him about the Co-Op on Winsley Road?

Anyhow, he goes down to the woods and has a big surprise. It’s not quite a Teddy Bear’s Picnic that he finds, more a sylvanian rave, found in slightly Narnia style. Billy overdoes it on the honey and needs his friends to keep him going, proving the song’s optimistic adage that “bears always stick together.”

According to lead singer, Will, “The song was written around a guitar riff which featured some sharp sounds, made by using a cello bow on my guitar. As usual, it’s laden with synths and on the new album as a whole, we have played around with analogue drum machines, aiming for intricate soundscapes, but also trying to achieve that perfect pop song.” Indeed you can see a giant Roland TR-808 hanging in the background of the party scene. The video also features Will’s dog Olive, “but only briefly at the beginning and end, as she costs far too much to employ.”

For a band named after things forgotten, they’re damn hard to overlook.

See Wasuremono’s For All The Bears video here:


Wasuremono can be found online here. They are also on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

All words by Jon Kean. More writing by Jon on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. He tweets as @keanotherapy.

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