Warm Toy Machine/White Fangs split EP (Frantic City Records)
7″ Vinyl/DL
Available now

Both bands are from Brussels, Belgium, and they share their bass player, so that’s basically a “kissing cousins” kind of split!

We recently reviewed the White Fangs self titled debut LP (LTW review) and ‘Shit Happens’ was recorded during the same session as the album, the track being a kind of a tribute song to the mighty Cosmic Psychos, we tagged the album as “the aural equivalent of a pack of rabid dogs, bug-eyed, heckles raised, razor tipped jaws snapping shut”

White Fangs create a truly brutal sound…unbelievably ‘Shit Happens’ sees White Fangs delving deeper into the darkness, and returning with another angry ripper; opening with a restrained snare beat which rapidly surrenders to wave upon wave of tortured fuzzed out mangled riffs as Bart chants “shit happens” – the whole thing is like the mutated spawn of The Sonics being violated by The Jesus & Mary Chain; a glorious noise.

On the flip side Warm Toy Machine (who put out a great debut last year) deliver ‘Angiecapped’ a filthy, raunchy, extra-fuzzy mix of Garage, Punk and Blues; real primitive drumming, super trash guitar licks and some weird hissing sounds gather to forge some rabid straight-in-your-face type of shit!

Limited to just 300 hand-numbered copies with 2 different covers.


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