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Warlockhunt: Sleep / Heal (Pyrrhic Defeat Records)
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Warlockhunt: Sleep / Heal – EP

Debut release from the intriguingly monikered Warlockhunt, a two piece with the equally compelling names of Blind Watty McGrind, and All-Sass Lorraine – it’s a twin bass cross-border project that breaches the ancient Offa’s Dyke, hailing from Conwy North Wales, and Chester. A bit of digging around reveals Blind Watty to be Emissaries Of Syn’s Mark Watson-Jones, and All-Sass to be one Lorraine Peaker.

In respect of Watson-Jones this is a huge step away from the sonic maelstrom that the Emissaries Of Syn generally terrorise an audience with; yet the intensity remains, but now with added foreboding! Sleep opens proceedings and appropriately crawls along at a glacial pace, its down-tuned yet ethereal, the bass pushes through layers of Zopiclone firmly positioning this within the doom sphere, yet like fellow North Wales residents Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Warlockhunt play with the genre, All-Sass’s vocals are soft, clearly enunciated which adds breadth to an already panoramic atmosphere, adding melody enabling the track to crawl onwards into the abyss.

Warlockhunt: Sleep / Heal – EP review

Similarly with the mournful Heal, though the tempo is raised ever so slightly, a primitive almost Suicide sourced drum pattern propels you forward, the bass continues to pin you to the wall, a haunting vocal “call out your name, call out in vain” offers a flicker of light in the darkness, a light that is instantly extinguished by a crushingly distorted bass riff that threatens to suffocate you – listen to this on headphones for the fully immersive crap your pants experience!

The CD EP comes with the 2-minute bonus track Janis @27 which initially seems almost throwaway, but then the realisation – it’s like Nancy Sinatra colliding with SUNN O))), again a clear demonstration of how Warlockhunt mess with the genre, taking risks – they gleefully fuck up your expectations.

Based on the creativity, and joyous sonic turbulence on this EP I’m genuinely excited as to where Warlockhunt will go next, wherever that might be, count me in.


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Warlockhunt: Sleep / Heal – EP review

All words by Phil Newall. More writing by Phil can be found at his Louder Than War Author’s Archive

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