Are You In A Band…..?

We are just compiling the famous Louder Than War new bands list for 2013.


We already have some great stuff on there but we are always looking for more.


Please get in touch if you are in a band or know of any good bands or artists..don’t forget how eclectic we are…we are into music not fashion! From punk to post punk, indie to electronic, black metal to folk to world to dance…if it’s good we want to hear it.


Email or comment at the end of this blog or join our Louderthanwar Facebook page




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  1. Hi there, I play in 3 groups and was wondering if you’d consider any for inclusion?
    A 4 piece post-punk group called Exit The Network: httpss://
    A 3 piece alternative group called Valley Of Poets: httpss://
    And finally, Vicious Liberty, a 4 piece rock group: httpss://
    If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Merry Yuletide!

  2. Little Night Terrors….best thing to come out of Leicester since Kasabian.



    we are called SGNLS. We are from Philly. we have a new l.p. coming out on Blind Prophet records. We are buddies with Mueran Humanos and have a couple of singles that we would love Louder than war to release. I plan to email them to you. Take care!!

  4. Great young band from the Southend-on-Sea area…The Ends. Got some free stuff available via Facebook. Well worth checking out

  5. We don’t necessarily count as new but we’d certainly be new to most people, so if you fancy a mention for Postcode…We should be releasing a fair bit in 2013 too. ( httpss:// and )

    And if you ever fancy mentioning Small Bear Records
    ( httpss:// ) it would be greatly appreciated. We’re hoping to have plenty of more great releases new and old over the next year.

  6. Horse In Transit –


    As the name suggests, Scarborough’s H.I.T are a fast moving, heavy weight, trailer full of hardcore noise. January 2013 will see the release of brand new 6 track EP ‘If I Were A God’ engineered and produced by the band and mastered by Grammy Award winner Dick Beetham of 360 Mastering (Sikth, Funeral for a Friend, Enter Shikari, Rise to Remain ). This new release builds upon the 2012 demo release and shows H.I.T developing a signature sound, crossing between technical metal, hardcore and anthemic rock. These are songs for dancing, these are songs for loving and these are songs that will ruin your life.

    “These guys aren’t messing around – Lucky Strike has everything you’d wish for in a metal track, and more. The contrast between perfectly in tune, well-constructed guitar melodies, and the down-right evil, half-time, dissonant drops give this song an eery progression that’s as unpredictable as it is interesting. All in all, this is a great track that definitely deserves a space on any metalhead’s iPod.”
    – Marcus Taylor, former label owner & founder of , ‘Lucky Strike’ review

    “Horse In Transit are one of the most energetic metal acts we’ve been involved with. Smashing through Rotten Core, these guys are the sound of pure adrenaline with the feel of an itchy trigger finger”
    – Leeds Acoustic, Leeds Acoustic Blog

    “Horse In Transit a heavy band, and a destructive force, currently from Scarborough. They tore the place apart, whipping around the whole floor in pure adrenaline. Those left rose the bar. Again, audience participation rife as the band fed from the growing atmosphere caught in some kind of feedback loop.”
    – Bad Apples Leeds, Rotten Core

    “This is a must see for any metalhead and even if you aren’t check them out anyway. Don’t let prejudice get in the way of finding great music.”
    – Big in the Game

  7. Hello!

    It would be great if you guys could check out Mono Life:

    Things have been building nicely over the past few months and Mono Life will be releasing ‘The Mono Sound’ as the first single in February 2013. There will then be gigs and an album to follow.

    ML also just topped the chart in the Tim Burgess ‘White’ Remix Competition. There will be other remixes and collaborations in 2013 too.

    Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.


  8. Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa!
    Our (female-fronted) Industrial flavoured Metal band TERMINATRYX is in its 10 year. Not many bands like ours in this neck of the woods, as you can imagine.

  9. here is my attempt at shameless self promotion (lol):

    Mechanized Warfare is my Industrial / Rock / Electronic solo project, originally established in 2005.
    A harshly dark electronic sound as well as the occasional accompaning guitar and distorted vocals give the project the unique sound it currently has.

    the official website is httpss://
    you can check out the music and other info on my project there


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