Walter Lure RIPPhoto by Melanie Smith

We are sorry to hear of the death of the legendary Walter Lure – the last of the great Heartbreakers – Johnny Thunders post New York Dolls band whose LAMF album is still considered one of the most essential rock n roll albums ever made. He died of liver cancer and leaves behind a classic catalogue and some truly thrilling and dangerous rock n roll.

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  1. A true legend. He may have been in Johnny’s shadow for a time, but he was the real brains behind the Heartbreakers, the brains, the glue that held it all together…for a time. The HBs were built to self destruct, even though Johnny and Jerry struggled with themselves to make this the most amazing band in the world, as they should have been. But too much of their bullshit got in the way… The fact that in 1977 KISS was the biggest band in the world over them was a disgrace of course, but not unexpected. Too many people then were close-minded of punk rock, or in the Heartbreaker’s case, of the true return of real, dangerous Rock N Roll, even though at that time Elvis passed away, but it never mattered. The Grease movie at that time was acceptible, but the real thing like The HBs and the Pistols scared the shit outta the UK, or middles America, believe me, I was there as a teenager then. I need to send off Walter with Love, when they toured with the Pistols in that ill-fated tour of the UK, Steve Jones had such admiration of Walter, they became lifelong buddies, Steve even having him as a regular on his radio show. I hate these times, everything great has died away, replaced by cowardly schlock. But I have a Heartbreaker Heart in me, never to pass away…


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