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Anyone remember a time before acoustic live streams or piano tinkling wafting through cyberspace? Waco do and with Good Days have made the feel good hit of this peculiar summer. Their ‘relentless optimism’ extending to everything but a name that, despite the band suggesting a variety of pronunciations, all pretty much end up at the same place in Texas.

Citing influences such as the Village People seems more of a nod to the sort of tune writing ability which scares the snobs and contributes to the chorus of ‘Good days’ being more contagious than a Bolsanaro brain storming session. In reality its more the Wildhearts or, deep breath, a more magical mystical Massive Wagons.

That Good Days lift is heralded by a euphoric delivery of “I’ll see you on the other side”, cementing the song’s intentional or otherwise place as the dumb ass deceptively clever anthem to Covid resistance. All accompanied by rock’s response to putting your biggest books behind you for a Zoom call. The video taking us inside the happy clappy cult of Waco, for a trip around the ranch and gardens of a cast of supporters, who deliver a suitably manic amount of energy in a confined space.

For those of a certain age the use of ‘cosmic’ will always sound a bit Rodney from Only Fools and Horses, but if this is Waco’s brand of self-identified punk, then the most conventional aspect of something which it should never be, comes from the throaty timbre of front man Jak Hutchcraft. Their punk being anything they want it to be rather than the reactionary brand of residential home reverence. The rest of you can wait until the release of the Hope Rituals album on the 28th August to decide whether Waco is for life and not just a global pandemic.





All words by Steve John – Author profile hereYou can also find Steve online at his website & Facebook

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