Vulpynes to release debut EP


Dublin based garage punk duo Vulpynes have, as the New Year broke announced their signing to Headcheck Records.

The Midlands based indie will release the bands debut EP in Spring – at this stage both band and label are keeping very tight lipped regarding the release other than to confirm there will be a UK tour to accompany the EP and festival dates are also to be announced.

Vulpynes 1

Formed by Maeve-Molly (Vocals & guitar) and Kaz (Drums), they create a savage head rush of noise – low end riffs, riddled with reverb, searing vocals and a visceral rhythm section.

Inspired by their exposure to punk and garage rock; in a recent interview Maeve-Molly described how her mother gave her the Hole‘Pretty on the Inside’, L7 ‘Bricks are Heavy’ and Sex Pistols ‘Nevermind the Bollocks’ albums before she was even a teenager; its clear that Vulpynes have absorbed these influences, then crafted their own simple grinding riffs coupled with pummelling drums; the key though is the vocal hooks and melodies.

‘Silica’ Rel Date 2017

Check out their other material via their Soundcloud page.


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