419803_581660695178207_1646110676_nVoodoo Goo presents The Hip Priests, The Black Bullets & Lipshock
The Arches, Coventry
1st March 2013

Voodoo Goo’s latest offering gave us three degenerate Rock’n’Roll bands, Louder Than Wars Adrian Bloxham reviews the night.

First things first, the crowd was sparse. But that didn’t stop the bands playing a blinder.  The Voodoo Goo nights are the brainchild of Diesel from the fantastic Dragster so on that basis you know that the night is going to be full of dirty, sleazy rock’n’roll.

There’s a demented looking clown staring down at you from the dj box. There are a bunch of rockers straight out of the Brighton battles with Mods, complete with quiffs and matching colours on their cut-off jackets. There’s a guy that’s the dead spit of Sam Yaffa from the Hanoi Rocks, two of the Army of Skanks and various other delinquents scattered around the room.

First band on are Lipshock who are proper punky rhythm and blues, they feel real and the songs shine through.  There’s touches of seventies Sabbath and Zeppelin and the maximum R&B of classic Who.


They kick into a cover of ‘Play that funky music white boy’ and the bleached blonde awkward looking singer channels the ghost of James Brown. His voice is excellent all the way through, rough and soulful; definitely worth a watch next time they play near you.

The main event is the joint attack of the Black Bullets and The Hip Priests. The Black Bullets are described as Filthy Rock’n’Roll bastards, they don’t disappoint. They are old school metal colliding head on with punk attitude. The straggly haired leader chastises us for not dancing and asks where everybody is. Don’t blame him; I thought the same thing about the turnout. They play like Paul Dianno era Iron Maiden with Ron Asheton from the Stooges adding massive guitar riffs.


They cover ‘Killed By Death’ and feel like the illegitimate sons of Lemmy. They are pissed off and look dangerous, they play offstage in the audience and are generally loud, nasty and well worth checking out.

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The Hip Priests look like the coolest gang in town, all in black denim cut-off jackets emblazoned with a cigarette smoking skull in a mitre. One with an iron cross sewn on the front. They all sport quiffs and you imagine smell of hot engine oil. They kick into a high octane rock’n’roll groove and stick with it all the way through the set. The singer has huge black circles painted around his eyes and is in a black vest, he seems slight compared to the others on the band but is the most wired person in the building.


He never stops moving, singing ad shouting, leaping around the stage, dancing in the audience and jerking around in front of the drums. They had people dancing and shouting along. They are described as White Trash Sleaze ball rock’n’roll and live up to the title brilliantly. They rock like Britain’s amped up answer to Turbonegro, another great set.

All three bands were excellent, all well worth looking out for. Roll on the next Voodoo Goo!

Voodoo Goo are on Facebook here. Lipshock are on Facebook here and can be found on twitter as @_Lipshock. The Black Bullets website can be found here. They are also on Facebook and on twitter as @blackbulletsuk. The Hip Priests website can be found here. They can also be found on Facebook here.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More words by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here.



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