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The latest release from Christopher Kaye aka Void Vertex sees the accomplished producer push his sonic boundaries further than ever before. Simon Tucker reviews.

There was a moment, roughly halfway through ‘Breakcore Is Dead Long Live Breakcore’ where my son turned to me and asked “why are you laughing?”. The reason? Well I was so deliriously happy at 7:30am listening to an artist absolutely tear my soul apart with the most ferocious Breakcore. When music this brutal is made with such care and attention it can only illicit positive reactions in the listener (it also invoked memories of my 12hr Gabber Techno sessions but those stories are for a different time).

Distress Beacon is a trip. A no-holds-barred trip through the inner workings of Kaye’s psyche. Most tracks are brief in length (the longest hovers around the four minute mark) allowing a splintered narrative to take place never creating a sense of settled contentment in the listener. Fuck you music for fuck you times. Every frowned upon sub-genre is thrown into the pot with the brittle majesty of death metal lying in bed next to furious drum and bass.

What could be overbearing is made welcoming by the clever nuances Kaye adds to his work so in among the chaos you find beauty whether that be the gorgeous string section that appears three quarters of the way through Sara & Salum or when Sadiecore takes a turn for the big beat and the human voice makes a harmonious entry. The human voice also returns on Urge To Question which is the most mainstream track on the album marrying an emo anthemic metal to the ambient edges of house music. Distress Beacon has a black streak of humour running through it which allows for the listener to breathe and relax.

Distress Beacon is one of those “experience” albums. To hear and appreciate it you must fully engage with it. It is the frowned upon marriage between the heaviest of metal with the heaviest of electronica. A meeting of minds and a union of the blackest of hearts. Slash and burn music for tear it down days, Distress Beacon is the music we deserve and it is one hell of a riotous trip. Thoroughly recommended.


For more information visit Wormhole World via Bandcamp or via Twitter where they tweet as @WormholeWorld

Void Vertex can be found via his website  or via Twitter where he tweets as @void_vertex

All words by Simon Tucker. More writing by Simon on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Simon on twitter as @simontucker1979

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