Vlasta Popic : Ment Festival : Ljubljana : live review : ‘feral garage thrills’








Vlasta Popic

Ment Festival


Feb 2015


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Yet another power trio powered by something extra, VLASTA POPIĆ are a Croatian band who take a mad headrush of garage rock, psych and riffing post punk and turn it into a  raucous rush of adrenalised beauty.


The band may look slight – the girl drummer is tiny but she plays with a deadly power and precision and sings in a voice from hell whilst her fellow band droogs look like they are barely out of their teens but when they plug in they literally explode and sing and play with a rare and thrilling desperation over their land speed record racket.

Sure they have songs and some great tunes weaved into their skull ruffing splendour. They also have a brooding dark atmosphere in their music that is always cranked with wilful intensity and distorted thrash but never breaks up and somehow maintains that kind of excitement that you get before the collapse.


They are kinda like the Stooges when they were young, urgent and feral and had that way of immersing lots of complex music into one chord sonic death ray mantras, that way of taking the dark trip of psychedelia, that feral rush of garage and that  urgh of proto punk and making it so damn feral and of the now that you remember why you fell in love with this separate and dangerous stuff in the first place.


Yet another three piece they fully explore the possibilities of their sound and are more proof that when it comes to distortion and noise and living on the edge guitar music then the Balkans is perhaps, at the moment, the epicentre of something very exiting in Europe.




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